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How we met:

I moved to Fort Worth from Chicago in February of 2005. Within a week of moving here, I got a call about a contract job, which I started a week later. After i'd been there a couple weeks, I saw this guy walk by my desk, then he backed up and looked at me again before bolting off. He had been told by his buddies to "check out the hot blonde chick in Pubs." Needless to say, he was BUSTED! I immediately emailed a friend asking "who was that cute blonde guy?" It turned out to be a friend of hers who she had already approached me about a blind date with. I had just ended a serious relationship and wasn't looking for anything more than friendship. But after emailing and getting to know each other a bit, we began dating in April 2005. One of our first dates was at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. We were both so nervous and shy around each other...it's funny to think back on it now.

Our engagement:

We were supposed to meet Nathan's mother for dinner one night, but he faked a phone call on the way, saying that she was at the Botanical Gardens looking around and that we needed to go over there to get her. I didn't understand why she couldn't just meet us at the restaurant, and kept trying to avoid walking around the gardens as there some social event going on. But he just kept urging me to go down there to look for his mom. When we got down by the pond, he pretended to stumble, causing me to look down. When I did, I saw this huge stone on the ground, engraved to read "Shaunda, will you marry me? Love, Nathan" As I read it, he leaned down and pulled the ring out of his sock..that was the only place he could hide the box that I wouldn't see. He said "it's about time", then got down on his knee and I said 'YES."

the rock was a very unique idea and I loved it!

Our wedding:

We had a hard time with the planning. We wanted to have a wedding and invite all our friends and family, and I spend countless hours searching for a location and photographer and florist. We were saving to buy a house at the same time, so after realizing the cost involved, we decided to have a small, simple ceremony with only our parents.So...we were married at the Botanical Gardens on Saturday, October 14, 2006.



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